The Life Aquatic


Directed by Wes Anderson

Written By Wes Anderson & Noah Baumbach

Director of Photography: Robert D. Yeoman

Plot Summary

Steve Zissou isn't quite your typical happy-go-lucky captain. It's hard to blame him with all on his back, besides his scuba gear. His partner's just been eaten by a mystical shark, he's having dilemmas within his family, and his films are slipping in support. Yet he does what he knows best, he pushes on. He goes searching for the shark that killed his friend, his comrade, trying to find answers. The journey along the way is what unveils the most information. 

My Thoughts

Picking a favorite Wes Anderson movie is like picking a favorite Kanye West song. You love them all for different reasons. Being that Wes is my favorite director along with John Hughes, it was only necessary that I started the movie series with one of each of their films. You'll be seeing a lot more of both of them over time. I decided to go with The Life Aquatic first because it is very quintessential style of Wes in many elements, it is also a little bit of a curveball. I really enjoyed this film and the sense of adventure, connections, the red hat. It's such a simple premises, but so many layers to it. I'm all for Team Zissou.