A Love For Cinema

Ever since a boy, Jack Sommer has been heavily influenced by the world of cinema. Along with watching tons of movies comes the inevitable downside of never remembering them all. The initial idea for this project started as a way to document all of those movies. Not just any and every movie Jack has ever seem. but the ones that really stood out. Of course, there are still a lot of those ;-)

The other concept developed for this experiment was to showcase and study how photography is intertwined with cinema so much. After all, film is just "moving pictures" at it's base, right? Each post therefore includes a careful selection of the best frames, or at least personal favorites, from that particular film. Also included is a basic plot summary, personal thoughts, and a selection of fun facts.

This will be a lifetime project. One that Jack hopes to continue to update consistently with movies he's seen in the past or ones that he may have just seen the night before. It doesn't matter, they are timeless to him. And that's what's important with movies: that they connect with you.